Punching / Lights Out Manufacturing

The compact TruPunch 2000 paves the way into the world of automatic punching. Due to its flexibility and high productivity, it produces a broad range of parts to the highest quality standards, forming, tapping and countersinks can all be accomplished in one machine. Capable of handling 10 x 4 foot sheets up to 3/16 thick with automated load unload for lights out capabilities. Sheetmaster allows for continuous light our machining for unsurpassed production capabilities.

The Trumpf TruPunch 2000 with sheetmaster load / unload allows us to run lights out and more than triple our production capabilities.

Our Trumpf TruPunch 2000 have the capabilities of Tapping, Countersinking, Forming, Extrusions, Card Guides, Louvers, Alpha Numerical Stamping, and use Multi-tooling. Sheet capacity 50×120